Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blackhawks' Andrew Desjardins looks to add some scoring to his gritty role

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Not even a week in Blackhawks training camp, Andrew Desjardins is already sports the look of a fourth line grinder.

The veteran striker has four stitches across the bridge of his nose and a long scratch on his right cheek, courtesy of a goal-mouth scramble during a melee. Desjardins is again a ticket for a seat on one of the bottom lines of the Hawks, where he will focus on defense and tight figures to contribute to the penalty kill.

The roles are not glamorous, but embraces Desjardins.

"There is a certain pride in playing these roles," he said. "There are jobs out there. If you can be the best ship fourth in the league, what is wrong with that? That's a good way to think. (And) he tries to be the best (penalty killer) possible."

Entering his second full season with the Hawks, Desjardins will be counted as a stabilizing force on the ice and in the locker room for what could be a proliferation of young players. Plugging along the NHL as a gland was effective for the 30 year-old from Lively, Ontario, who entered the league with the Sharks in 2010-11.

As far as 2016-17, he wants more of the same.

"He did what I did in the past," said Desjardins. "You just want to grow and better at it ... on the penalty kill, just chipping in (and) play this sound defensive, chic style of hockey.

"There are always improvements that can be made, and you try to better yourself in these key areas. Just to make sure that the washer is every time and make sure the games you are doing. All Anyone can get a little better this. " Blackhawks Jersey.

Desjardins has some offensive skills and is coming off a season in which he posted a career-high eight goals. It shows some flashy movements in the fray Monday at the United Center, scoring on a breakaway with a backhand to forehand movement and depositing the top shelf of the puck.

Add roles that Desjardins is ready to play.

"Sometimes you win ... close games with the third and fourth line notation and sometimes the first few lines are compensated, so it is always important," said Desjardins. "You look at the teams that are successful in this league, and there is not the top guys but it is secondary guys knowing what their role is also chipped in good times. "

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